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Verdsion  23.0.2
Date  05-12-2023
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Download latest version InstaAero app APK Mirror updated for free. About InstaAero APK : InstaAero is one of the best mod for downloading Videos and Pictures. The best part of the app is you can get extra features which may not be available in any other Instagram Mod. Even you can’t get these features in the Xposed Modules like XInsta. So, you don’t need to root your device or Install Xposed Framework for using this android app called InstaAero. It’s just another android app which comes from the roots of Official Instagram. However, Aero Apps are known for heavy theming, and of course, this is the thing that everyone wants. Currently, we have a dark variant for users who most likely to use every app in the dark mode. What is InstaAero APK? It is the re-modified version of the Official InstaULTRA by Sommer Damous (Soula Mods). Soula Mods is one of the most popular websites for providing Whatsapp and Instagram Mods. They have Implemented the best Whatsapp Mod called Soula Whatsapp Lite with a lot of features. Features of InstaAero APP : Copy the comments or text from the app. Translate the comments – It is an easy way to get the meaning instantly without opening the browser or translate app to get that. Download photos, videos and voice messages which you like. You can check updates of InstAero within the app. Zoom the Profile Picture Currently, available themes are Dark, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Gold. Themes – Beta update brings the theme’s feature. So, you can download the themes from various resources which are only made for Aero Insta. Customisation – Conversation screen, main/chat screen, comment screen, home screen, notification screen, and profile screen. Hide View Status – This feature helps you to prevent from knowing them your name while viewing their status. You can Add Comment from Home Screen Option to start videos with sound. By default, it was in Mute. Copy/Share the URL of the Video/Image Lock with PIN or Fingerprint. Blocking ads – Still improving this feature. Hide typing status. Long press on the home icon to open settings. Install it now !!

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