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Verdsion  3.5.4
Date  27-08-2023
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Download latest version VLC for Android APP for Apk Android Mirror Direct Link updated for FREE. About VLC for Android APK for Android :VLC is a non-profit organization and multimedia player such as: Video and Audio in almost all formats and formats as it supports more than 120 different formats. The application was popular among users through which it developed and solved some of the problems found in other programs such as Windows Media Player to name a few, which made it compete strongly. In addition, the company is constantly developing it and adding other benefits. Features of the application VLC : 1- Supports all types of formats: VLC is one of its most important features as it supports almost all types of formats - about 120 different versions - and perhaps one of the most popular formats supported by: MP3 - MP4 - MKV - FLV - Avl and other formats and extensions. 2- Supports conversion between formats: The program supports the possibility of converting a video or audio file from one format to another, so you do not need to download another program to convert between different media file formats. 3- The app is completely free: The application developer releases this program completely free, it does not contain any ads or tracking software or malware, and is open source on all operating systems. 4- The program is light and fast: The application is small in size and does not exceed 50 MB and therefore has little effect either on the memory or performance of the phone. 5- Extra Media Player: One of the recommended programs is if youre looking for a multimedia playback program on your phone. 6- Ease of use: The application comes with a user interface and user experience more than wonderful, where you will discover the majority of the benefits of the program once you start using it on your device without the need for explanations about the program. 7- Play various types and extensions of multimedia files MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV, AAC and other formats. Enjoy with this new app now !!

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