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Alsarab keyboard

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Category   Entertainment
Verdsion  2.45
Date  16-12-2020
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Download latest version of Alsarab keyboard APP for Apk Android Mirror Direct Link updated on 2021 for Free. About Alsarab keyboard APK for Android APP : Keyboard for Android latest version Alsarab keyboard.2.45 with direct link apk This keyboard or keyboard is one of the best keyboard programs for Android and it is from "remote mirage" programming and this version comes with beautiful and wonderful features such as the special folder where you can copy any text and also configurations and decorations you can Formation of any text and its decoration, whether Arabic or English, and there is also an automatic decoration feature in the keyboard, and it also contains WhatsApp, BlackBerry visas, and Galaxy visas, and there are also other features. Features of Alsarab keyboard APP : Copy folder saves up to a million text WhatsApp, BlackBerry and Galaxy visas Decoration of Arabic and English letters Automatic composition with writing 44 shortcuts with an easy way to add shortcuts How to use the clipboard in the Mirage remote keyboard: To start using the clipboard Long-press the clipboard button, then mark the folder as saved Then copy the texts and any text you copy will be saved to the clipboard When you do not want to add new text to the clipboard, remove the check mark from saving to the clipboard To open the contents of the clipboard, press the clipboard button with a slight press To delete any text, long press it The clipboard can save up to a million texts Keyboard settings: To enter the keyboard settings, press the 123 button? For a second. To set an image as a background for the keyboard, enter the settings for the Keyboard> Appearance> Select Image as Wallpaper. To change Theme> Theme Zoom in / out buttons. Design> Portrait mode> Key height Increase or decrease font size Design> Portrait Mode> Font Size To add a shortcut: Word Suggestions >> Abbreviations then press the L's and the abbreviations will appear To display the row of numbers, drag the space bar up and to hide it. Drag the space bar down Keywords of Alsarab keyboard APP : Enjoy and share this app with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Snapchat, Imo, Medium, Reddit and more.

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