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Developper   DevIPTV
Category   IPTV
Verdsion  3.2
Date  13-02-2024
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Download latest TvTap Pro app apk updated for free. About TvTap Pro APK : TvTap Pro – Modern life is impossible without gadgets, man-made a lot of machines. to serve for my own work. And they will also create something for entertainment. Nowadays, there are so many people who like to sit in front of the television to watch their favorite programs. But there are many people who are busy with their work so they can not keep track of their schedule. So they often entertain themselves by watching the show at any time they are free with their smartphone or tablet. Because it creates more problems that users need to solve. There are programs that will never be shown on any other media for copyright reasons. Or you cannot search them on the internet for some reason. Now you need an application that can serve you. TvTap Pro is a popular application that many people love. It is available for free on the Android Phone and Tablet platforms. With such an open platform, the number of downloads has reached millions. Not only that, it does not bother users with ads. Previously, this application has a name UkTVNow. Since it uses the old name has been known for the tremendous amount of programming. After changing the name, TvTap Pro keeps its style. Key feature here is that it turns your Android phone or tablet into a miniature TV. That means you can watch any program you like on your device directly. As a result, users do not need to position their programs anywhere, nor do they have to scramble to watch television with their family members. Features of TvTap Pro APP : Ads Disabled Analytics Disabled No Forced Upgrade AOSP Compatible with MX Player Enjoy with this new app now !!

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